With our dainty little pots of non-toxic children nail polish, here at Miss NELLA we enable little girls to express themselves through the imaginative art of inventive nail painting. Kids of all ages can experiment with endless kids nail varnish colours and artistic designs, for hours of harmless, organic fun!

We believe that our little princesses should be able to explore their creativity without risking their health or being exposed to the cocktail of nasty toxic chemicals present in most nail varnish currently on the market - not to mention the harsh nail varnish removers. Acetone-free or otherwise, these are rife with poisonous substances and nasties that can dry out little fingers, sting cuts and grazes, or worse.

Believe it or not, many other branded kids nail polish contains Dibutyle Phythalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde, a toxic trio that we wouldn't want anywhere near our daughters; hardly suitable for a princess at play time.
Miss NELLA polish however, is non-toxic, 5-free, odourless, water based and all round little girl friendly. Our kids polishes are also not tested on animals. Fairy smiles all round!

What's more, Miss NELLA produces only peel off nail polish, which allows little girls to paint on to little nails and transform into fairies for the day - with 6 original pretty colours plus our exquisite new collection, all funky, full of fun with a fairy-like sparkle - they'll never be bored. As soon as they fancy a change, they can simply peel off and begin again - no chemical varnish remover needed.

Each packaged in kooky little bottles, given unique names and a in a wide range of beautiful, bright and super stylish colours, Miss NELLA polish would make the perfect gift for any little girl who loves fashion, art and being creative.

Children's nail varnish has never been more fun!

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